What Is Heavy Duty Zippers

Heavy-duty zippers are found in almost all of our most valuable things. Not only are heavy-duty zippers on our jackets and luggage, they are also on the kids’ school bags, raincoats, tent doors and sleeping bags.
Usage of zipper in today's world has smoothened the work of tailors as they can be sewn directly on the garment than clamping the teeth on the cloth.

The main elements of zipper are:
Stringer, the assembly of tape and teeth that makes one side of the zipper
Slider, used for opening and closing the zipper
Tab, for moving the slider
Stops, for preventing the slider from leaving the chain

There are some zippers that are characterized with better strength, anti-friction, anti-high temperature ironing properties, anti-washing properties, etc. They are used for common applications such as manufacturing of raincoats, tents, outdoor equipment and various others. These zippers are called heavy duty zippers made with sophisticated technologies.

Heavy duty zippers can be classified based on their applications.
1. Two-way zippers can be opened from both the ends of the zipper tape and thus are applied more in luggage, bags, and tents.
2. Separating zippers are majorly used in jackets and coats as the teeth get completely separated when unzipped along the way. Heavy-duty version of the separating zippers is used in firefighter suits, astronaut suits and many more.
3. Extra long zippers are basically the ones with long length. They are used in sleeping bags and tents.