Metal Zipper

Metal zipper is most basic original zipper first produced. The first zipper was made of metal around 1917 and 1920s. When slider slides up in a zipper the elements get tightly interlocked to keep zipper shut.

Metal zippers are divided into 2 groups, depending on the material used and the process of manufacture:

Teeth formed from a metal wire, either flat or profiled and made from brass, aluminium, nickel or white brass (nickel-free) Teeth die-cast directly onto the tape.

Metal zippers are usually made in a variety of finishes, such as golden brass, antique brass, antique silver, gunmetal, silver etc. These finishes are achieved by chemical treatment of the zipper chain and matching plating of the sliders and end stops.

Generally metal zippers are available in various finishes, but most commonly used zipper finishes are as below:

Aluminum: Elements are constructed using aluminum
Brass: Elements are constructed using brass alloy, typically a combination of copper and zinc
Antique Brass: Elements made from brass that is chemically treated to give worn-out brass appearance
Black Oxidized: Elements are made from brass that is chemically treated to a black matte finish