Zipper Styles

  1. Bag Type
     This zipper works well for bags or any application that would benefit from a zipper that is closed at each end but allows for quick access by having two sliders. When zipper is closed, the sliders meet in the middle (or at any point on the zipper).


  1. Closed End(Trouser Type)

Use for pants, sleeves on leather jackets, purses, tents, or any application where a single slider, one-way closed end zipper is needed.


  1. Coverall

As the name implies, this zipper is used on coveralls (overalls). One end is open and one end is closed. This zipper may be used on the legs of coveralls or used as the front zipper in coveralls.


  1. Open End(Jacket Type)

Typically used on the front of jackets, it can also be used on any items that require the zipper halves to fully detach from each other.


  1. Two-Way Open End(Jacket Type)

This Zipper has two slides and can be opened from the top and/or the bottom. Great type of zipper for heavy winter coats where more leg room may be needed for driving the car, while still keeping the top slider zipped up. The zipper halves will completely separate just like a standard jacket zipper.

Zipper Styles